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Now some of our paints also come
in 37 and 125 ml tubes.

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RGH offers the largest selection of Flake White and Cremnitz White oil paints on the market today. As fewer and fewer companies are making Flake White, here at RGH we are proud to be expanding our inventory to fill this important need in the painting community.

Listed below are our Flake White and Cremnitz White paints.

1. In Tubes
A. Flake White Pure/Cremnitz 125 mL in Cold Pressed Linseed Oil
B. Flake White Pure/Cremnitz 125 mL in Safflower Oil

2. In Jars and Cans
All offered in 63mL, 125mL, 250mL, and Quart, Half Gallon, and Gallon Cans
A. Flake White Pure/Cremnitz in Cold Pressed Linseed Oil
B. Flake White Pure/Cremnitz in Safflower Oil
C. Flake White Pure/Cremnitz in Walnut Oil
D. Flake White Pure/Cremnitz in Linseed Oil
E. Flake White with Titanium in Safflower Oil
F. Flake White Pure/Cremnitz Extra Fine in Safflower Oil

Any of these whites can be used as primers. Go to our paint section to order any of these items.

Cremnitz White is just another term for a Flake White that is pure in which no other pigments have been added. Thicker versions of our Flake Whites can be custom ordered from us.



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