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How to earn a Paint Scholarship

Painting teachers in Art Departments, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Arts Centers, Ateliers and Art Associations are eligible for our Paint Scholarships by taking the following steps:

  1. Before placing your group order in the shopping cart, the teacher or Institution representative should call our Toll Free phone number and speak to Rolf Haerem about the order.
  2. Rolf Haerem will take the information and let you know how much your scholarship will be.
  3. While still on the phone the teacher should select which colors will be included in the Paint Scholarship.   These will be then shipped out with the order or at a later date if required.

Group orders will receive 12% of the total purchase in the form of free paint.

For example, if your class orders $650.00 of paint, you will also receive an extra $78 worth of paint.

An order is considered a "group order" when either the Institution or the class teacher orders on behalf of the students.

Please contact us if you have questions about our Paint Scholarship program.


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