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Now some of our paints also come
in 37 and 125 ml tubes.

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How We Got Started

RGH Artists Oil Paints Inc. started in 1989. The idea to create the company grew out of my commitment to offer artists like myself a line of professional grade oil paints that were both affordable and of the highest professional quality.
As an artist for over 40 years I  have painted large abstract oil paintings.  Twenty years ago when I needed large quantities of quality and affordable oil paints this was unavailable.  While living in New York City other artists and myself explored making oil paints. It was at this period of time that I purchased a small three roll mill and started making paint for my own needs as well as for selling to other artists that I knew.
From that time period to the present day RGH has grown and flourished.  We now make and sell over 120 different colored paints, we also sell a large number of dry pigments.  We also perform customized jobs for individual artists requiring specific colors for themselves and their students.


We are please to announce that our paints now come in aluminium tubes, jars and cans ranging in size from 37, 63, 125 and 250 ml or 1/8 of a pint to 1/4, 1/2 and full pints to a quart, 1/2 gallon and gallon.
When you call you will find that our friendly staff will be glad to help you and assist you in any way.  Try our paints and be secure in the knowledge that our paints are of the highest quality.  If you compare prices with other companies you will also be secure in the knowledge that you are using paints that are the most affordable on the market.


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How We Make Our Paint

All our paints are manufactured in small batches to ensure maximum quality control.  We use only the purest pigments that are purchased here in the US and around the world.
When we make a batch of color we take the pigment and add it to our alkali-refined linseed oil.  They are then mixed together in a large mixer.  Once they have been mixed thoroughly they are then put through our three roll mill from three to five times depending on the individual pigment involved.  This enhances the beauty and luminosity as well as ensuring the integrity and strength of the color once it has dried (oxidized) on your canvas
We do not use extenders in our paints and we guarantee the professional quality of these paints.

2009 RGH Artists' Oil Paints - 10 Railroad Ave - Albany - New York - 12205 - Phone: 888-278-0091